Facebook Session Hijacking

Session Hijaking can be done by stealing cookies from the ip address. This can be done only when the victim is online because the cookies are deleted when the user is logged out, it is present in the victims browser till the victim is logged in. Cookies can be copied using wireshark software and insert this cookie to your brower using cookie injector.
If you want to try this see the below tutorial but don't try on anybody else just create two virtual machines on your system than try it on these machines as shown below.
Don't know what is virtual machine

FACEBOOK session hijacking tutorial

For this you should download the following requirements
  • Mozilla Fiefox
  • Mozilla addons : Grease Monkey
  • Cain and Abel
  • Wireshark
  • cookie injector
After downloading all these, follow the method given in video tutorial.
Watch video in bigger size for better quality.

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