Hacking system with Open Port

First of all you should have the target ip address that you want to hack. To know how to obtain ip address of victim go through this link. After than scan the ip address for open port. How to scan ip address for open port and, for system and network details.
Now you have list of open ports of the victim's system. As every port number is for different port type, so identify the port type from this list with reference to number. After you have identified the port type hacking has to be done accordingly. For example if port 23 is open that means you can connect to that computer with telnet as because port number 23 is for telnet service.
So if any port is open you have to use the connecting procedure that is supported by that open port. During connection it will also ask for user id and password. As for example below are some open port hacking tutorial.

Hacking system with port 23

Use any procedure for connecting through telnet as port 23 is used for telnet. Commonly cmd is used for connection using telnet command. And try usig below details for user and passwords.
user: admin
pass:abcd or
now you use command prompt for commanding the victim computer such as trojans or any tracing applications can be sent.

Hacking system with port 139,138,137,136,135

for this you need two small tool

2.NetBios Auditing Tool

After you get both of them,put them in the C:\ directory.

You now need to create a null session to the target computer.

Now open the Command Prompt and browse to the USER2SID & SID2USER folder.There will be 2 tools inside it,one will be USER2SID and another one will be SID2USER.

We will first using USER2SID to get the ID.

We will test against the Guest account because Guest account is a built in account.

After we get the ID,we need to do some modification on the ID.

We take the ID we get from the guest account and modified it become
"5 21 861567501 1383384898 839522115 500".

Please leave out the S-1-,leave out all the - too.

Now you will see that you get the username of the Administrator account.

In this case,the Administrator account is Administrator.

Create a text file called user.txt and the content will be the username of the Admin account.

Prepare yourself a good wordlist.

Now put both of them in the same directory with the NetBios Auditing Tool.

Now we are going to crack the Admin account for the password in order to access to the target computer.

Browse to the NetBios Auditing Tool directory.

Press on enter and the tool will run through the passlist.

In this case,we have we the password.

In order to proof that wecan get access to the target computer using this password.

After you press enter,it will prompt you for the username and password.

Therefore,just input them inside the prompt and continue.

Target C drive will be on your screen.


  1. how do i connect to port 23 for

  2. you using hydra :D
    This is in Linux Operating system ..

    hydra -l admin -P /root/passlist.txt -o test.txt telnet

    this is example crack router login very simple password

    hydra -l admin -P /root/passwd.lst -o ns -f -V http-get

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  4. Even Hydra doesnt work in windows 7...
    It starts to check but Says error... Any good tool to go with windows 7 please suggest..!

  5. It says Attempting to connect with * or * SMBSERVER....
    Whats wrong with mine..?
    Please suggest..!

  6. I Know an IP with open-ssh server software .. can u explain me how to PROXY TUNNEL (internet proxy forwarding) in ubuntu through terminal.. plz..